Pink Blazer

I recently purchased a pink blazer through the Jane website. At less than $20, I wasn’t too concerned when the product was a cheap polyester material with a large single silver button, but I was slightly annoyed at the fact that, as it’s made with such a cheap fabric, I wouldn’t be able to make this piece work for the classroom. I figured a Pinterest search would offer up some good suggestions for how to make this inexpensive blazer more work-friendly. Luckily Pinterest didn’t disappoint!

Pink blazer with stripes:

Pink blazer8 Pink blazer11 Pink blazer13

Pink blazer with polka dots:

Pink blazer7 Pink blazer3 Pink blazer2

Pink blazer dressed up:

Pink blazer6 Pink blazer5 Pink blazer4

Pink blazer dressed down:

Pink blazer14 Pink blazer12 Pink blazer10 Pink blazer9 Pink blazer1

Interested in getting a bright pink blazer of your own to rock this spring? Check out the following inexpensive options!

Fancy Frills Boutique (often featured on Jane)

Mila and Mara (often featured on Groopdealz)

I chose to style my new pink blazer with a warm J. Crew Factory striped sweater, Rockstar black skinny jeans, and over-the-knee black boots.


Do you own a pink blazer? Are you thinking about buying one now?


White on White: An Advanced Class on Fashion

I’ve been following a few style challenges on Instagram this month. Today’s theme, “white out,” is one that I’m not quite familiar with just yet. The idea is, obviously, white pants and a white top with accents of accessories, usually not in any crazy colors.

Pinterest, of course, has some great examples for us working ladies who don’t look like supermodels on a daily basis. There are also fabulous examples of what not to do.









Most definitely no:



I busted out my older white pants earlier this week and spilled Starbucks before I’d even arrived to school. I was able to run a load of whites to bleach that evening, so the stain is now gone. Luckily I recently found this pair of white pants from The Limited on sale. Apparently I’m the type of girl who needs a back-up pair of white pants.

After perusing Pinterest I determined that my own style leans more toward white pants with either a lace or structured top. A sweater is out of the question in this muggy 90-degree weather.

Top: thrifted find
Bottoms: The Limited
Belt: Betsy Johnson from Nordstrom Rack




Jeans Day: Good or Bad Idea?

Our entire elementary has earned a jeans day and, while I’m always excited to wear my casual clothing, the students can sometimes be a bit much on these “reward days.” But, for me, it’s a definite treat from the big guys!

To start with the teacher’s look, it’s important to never wear ripped denim at work. To be honest you really shouldn’t be wearing ripped denim if you’re past college-age, but that’s for another post. Colored denim is okay as long as it’s not overly faded.

I truly believe you can dress up any item of clothing (except maybe sweats?!) so the goal of jeans day at work is to look “dressed up” in denim. Accessorize with some “night out” jewelry, keep makeup seemingly minimal (no crazy eye shadow colors or nails), and do your hair up right (no unwashed ponytails and other nasty hair). Because your pants are casual, everything else has to be cleaned up. All of those pieces will fit together for an appropriate work jeans day.

Top: Walmart
Necklace: Purple Peridot
Belt: Betsy Johnson for Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: Levi’s straight leg






Comfort During Standardized Testing: Surviving Teacher Fashion Dilemmas

This week has been our state standardized testing, otherwise known as the ISTEP. Much like other states, it’s rigorous for the students and teachers alike. In our state we must circulate the room for the entire testing time. That means a lot of standing and pacing, which can be difficult in heels or regular “work” shoes.

My room is actually tiled, so I will often either bring more comfortable shoes or wear my “most-worn-in” pair. Today I went with some pretty sandals.

It’s also important to be comfortable and, as usual, wear layers. Teachers never know what the building temperature will be! I chose a loose cotton sundress and a cardigan. I purposefully don’t wear any jewelry that will “clink” or “clang.” Clearly, after six long years, I’m a pro at this. (Haha)

Today’s outfit:

Dress- Old Navy cotton halter (old)
Cardigan- Old Navy (old)
Bracelet- Target




Yesterday’s outfit:

Top- American Eagle tee
Skirt- Nordstrom Rack
Belt- Croft and Barrow for Kohls




How do you stay comfy at work?

The Limited: Teacher Outfit

Over the weekend I ventured into The Limited. It’s not a store I frequent often, but when I do I find the greatest deals. This time I was just in time for 40% off all full priced items. I obviously grabbed this leopard print sleeveless top and a skirt (not shown). I’m definitely going to need to become a more frequent shopper, as The Limited not only liked my Instagram pics of the outfit, but also began following my IG account. #fangurl!


Besides being awesome on IG, my first day back at work has been uneventful. Conferences, 9 weeks to go, and a whole lot of office politics will for sure be filling the coming spring. Luckily I’ll survive with shopping!

Top: The Limited
Jacket: Eddie Bauer
Pants: Kohls skinny ponte
Necklace: Kohls Apt 9 tassel
Hair: thanks to Bed Head Rock ‘n Roller




What You Should Be Wearing: Florals Edition

Florals are everywhere this spring, so don’t shy away from a beautiful print. Get out of the winter blahs and into some bright and fun colors this April and May!



Maxi skirts are a great way to incorporate florals into your wardrobe. Stick with a solid plain tee on top and simple gold or silver sparkly accessories.




Floral tops go great with jeans, work pants, or pencil skirts. They are incredibly versatile. Play up an accent color by accessorizing in the same shade. Also, stick with flowy and looser floral tops. Any print that shows stretched material will not be flattering.





Finally, for an everyday floral go-to, add a floral accessory into your rotation. Sunglasses and scarves will add a whimsical and romantic feel to your look. Brighten up a pair of jeans or white cropped pants with a pretty flowered belt. You’d be surprised where florals are showing up. So get ahead of the game and you’ll be the envy of all!