Winter 2015-2016 Obsession: LuLaRoe

I have been remiss in my blogging, readers. I certainly hope you can forgive me, as a new grade level and new school district are certainly eating up a large chunk of my time. Luckily the blog bug is biting and I’ve got a new obsession to share with you.  Enter LuLaRoe. 

LuLaRoe is a MLM (I know…) company that sells leggings and other comfy clothes through a “consultant.”  While MLM is definitely not my thing, I love me some Scentsy and Mary Kay. Add to that my newfound addiction and I’m more than happy to sink my shopping money into a “pop up” boutique.  

While LuLaRoe sells more than just leggings, I have found that the other items could probably be purchased elsewhere for much cheaper. (No way am I paying $35 for an oversized t-shirt or tunic). The leggings, however, are worth every bit of $25 that most consultants charge. 

Think about the worst part of leggings. Having to constantly pull them up all day long?  Not with LLR!  Ass hanging out in see-through fabric?  Nope. Itchy and fabric that makes you sweaty?  Uh-uh. Leggings that lose their shape throughout the day?  Forget about it!  

If you want more patterns and information, definitely check out Instagram. Read the reviews. Venture out to a consultants pop up boutique and see for yourself. You certainly won’t be disappointed. 

My current patterns:   

Have you tried LLR?  What are your favorite patterns?  Stay tuned for more posts on how I style my LuLaRoe for work and play!