As an Indianapolis native, born and bred, I know how difficult it can be to find your fashion niche in this Midwestern city.  While the local Target and Gap offer amazing basics, frequenting local boutiques is also a favorite of mine.  Supporting local retailers not only gives back to the community, but also shows the world that there’s more than corn in Indiana.  I highly recommend the following boutiques, retailers, and places of business:


Noblesville, IN

Karisma’s tiny shop, located in the heart of downtown Noblesville, can be hard to find.  It’s tucked between two other gift emporiums and doesn’t stand out with a gaudy or obtrusive sign.  However, after finding this gem, you’ll never lose your way to it again.

As a north side native, I have been frequenting Karisma since the fall of 2006.  Since then, the store has never disappointed.  Between daily new arrival postings on Facebook and an ever-changing mannequin outside the brick and mortar building on the square, Karisma’s style is always changing and evolving.

Kari, the owner, is a Noblesville native.  She has somewhere between four and five daughters.  I wasn’t able to tell the exact number because, as they are all tall and willowy, it was difficult to tell who was related and who was an employee of Karisma.  Regardless, all of the “daughters” are lucky.  Can you imagine attending high school with these clothing options at your fingertips?

Karisma Noblesville

Kari doesn’t have any plans to open a second location, but if she were to expand it would be out of state due to her eldest daughter.  Sorry, south siders… You’ll have to keep driving north for the newest styles.

Karisma in Noblesville, IN

JenDaisy Boutique

Greenwood, IN

JenDaisy Shop

If you haven’t stopped in to JenDaisy Boutique in Greenwood, then you haven’t had a chance to meet the owner, Jen.  A diminutive woman who swears she has a 20 year old, but definitely doesn’t look it, Jen shared that she loves daisies and is open to the idea of a second location.  Not only was she incredibly welcoming and rocking an amazing outfit, but she was also eager to talk about her personal style with the Indianapolis Street Style Edition.

JenDaisy has only been open for just over a year, but it’s already going strong.  Strength is an underlying force with Jen, who chose the daisy for her signature flower because it represents her own strength as a mom and boutique owner.  She’s clearly put her personality to great use, as JenDaisy Boutique was full of shoppers on this particular Saturday afternoon.

Jen’s personal style is more bohemian.  And while she wears flats around the boutique, she conveniently had a pair of bright red Jimmy Choos in her bag, thanks to the fashion advice of her husband.  She loves bright floral prints, flowy outfits that are comfortable and cute, and does her best to mix her own style with that of her customers’ wants when stocking up on new pieces.

Besides wishing that she owned a Chanel handbag and regretting her post-pregnancy fashion faux pas of baggy clothing, Jen is the epitome of an Indianapolis fashionista.  But, while she’s got an eye on the fashion scenes in more progressive places like New York, Jen is very aware of what will and won’t work (just yet) in the Midwest.

So what makes Jen and her boutique different?  Not only does she have an inherent love of fashion, she ultimately wants to put women into clothes that make them look and feel amazing.  While browsing, I was able to witness Jen’s personality in action as she assisted a nervous shopper in finding the perfect vacation outfit.  As the customer shared her trepidation about not being her “ideal weight,” Jen simultaneously comforted and directed the woman to some very flattering pieces to try on.

At the end of the day, Jen’s mission is all about helping women find the right look to make them feel great.  Check out JenDaisy Boutique on Facebook, at their brick and mortar store, and keep an eye out for the launch of their website!


Clothes Mentor

Fishers, IN

Clothes Mentor, an upscale resale boutique opening in Fishers on Tuesday, March 11, has everything you need to look your best at work.  Clothes Mentor is the Plato’s Closet for professional women, but you won’t see any Aeropostale or American Eagle juniors’ clothing.  You’ll find Tiffany’s, Vera Bradley, Ann Taylor Loft, Michael Kors, The Limited, and many other “grown up” brands that are versatile enough to go from (work) day to (date) night.

From gently used Burberry jackets to new-with-tags handbags, Jami, the owner’s daughter, showed me some of the gems that sellers have recently brought in.

Clothes Mentor Chanel Jacket

This ruffled Chanel cropped jacket looks brand new.  You can purchase it, along with its other haute couture friends, when Clothes Mentor opens to the public this coming Tuesday.


A brand new black tulle skirt, complete with the $2,330 price tag still attached, is deeply discounted.  High fashion at an affordable price?  Sign me up!

Before I left, Jami was kind enough to take a photo, even though she was busy completing inventory.  While her favorite brands are Free People and Anthropologie, she has been going crazy over the designer coats, including this black velvet number with silver stud buttons.

Fishers location of Clothes Mentor

Clothes Mentor is located just off I-69 and 116th Street in the Target corridor.  Check them out on Facebook and be ready to shop on Tuesday, March 11th!


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