Hi, I’m Jenny, a 30 year old teacher from Indianapolis, Indiana. I have a son, 3, and a husband, both whom I love dearly.  Being a mom is, and forever will be, my top priority and all-time favorite job.  From the ups and downs of potty-training and watching Cars a zillion times, to the sweet snuggles and heart-melting kisses, I highly recommend this whole parenting thing.


Together we have three Labradors. Oakley, Daisy, and Wheeler are huge slobbery derps, but I love ’em, even when they are shamed for eating a dirty diaper.


I am not a photographer. I use my iPhone to take pics in the mirror of my bathroom. Occasionally you may see a dog dish, child’s toy, dog hair tumbleweed, or other random crap on the floor. Sorry, I’m a full-time working mom and my house is never spotless with my two boys, three dogs, and cat.


As a mom and professional, I know how hard it can be to find appropriate, affordable, and stylish clothing. It’s also nearly impossible to stay current with the beauty world’s inundation of potions and creams.  My goal is to help make popular fashion, hair, and beauty trends work for the working mom, all while remaining on a realistic budget.  Occasionally I’ll discuss the joys of being an educator, how crazy life can be with a toddler, and my constant love-hate relationship with Indiana weather and its effect on my wardrobe choices.

You can also read more of my blog posts at Laina Turner’s The Art of Living Fabulously and The Indianapolis Street Style Edition.

If you have any questions, please contact me at jennlynnadams@yahoo.com!



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