No Longer Fashionable in Fifth Grade?

Well, my blog readers, I am no longer a fifth grade teacher.  Yes, I have officially moved up to a real middle school, specifically sixth grade science.  With this new and obviously exciting development, I will heretofore need to revamp my blog subtitle.  I am no longer fashionable in fifth grade!  Luckily sixth and science are both s’words.  Ah ha!  My teacher mind has kicked in and I am definitely digging the alliteration.  Staying stylish in sixth grade science!  Insert thumbs up emoji here!  

It will take me a while to switch out the banner and the like, but I promise it will be done.  I can’t even imagine the kind of time I will have now that I’ll only be teaching one subject.  One subject!  One subject.  Wow… And simply teaching the same subject four times a day?  I’m in for a whole world of change, aren’t I?  (Famous last words, huh middle school teachers?!)

In the meantime, I’ve bought myself an extra week of summer vacation, which means I have more time to dedicate to not only cleaning out my old classroom, but also getting my life organized on the home front.  Okay, let’s be real… this is really just more time to procrastinate, play online, read more books, and hang out with my kid.  I’ve also been able to catch up on my Pinterest’ing, Instagram’ing, and all other social media time sucks.  Here’s what I know so far about the summer style most of us teachers are rocking…


I have been obsessed with one of my Instagram girls, @oneteachersstyle, who has started knotting her tops and maxis.  What a cute and fun way to jazz up a t-shirt or simple skirt.  A quick Pinterest search found some even cuter ways to style side knots this summer!

comfy & cute

Attractive red flowy long skirt with grey T-shirt for summer fashion


this is what i can do with my long coral maxi dress since i'm so short i trip on it.

april showers.  like the idea of knotting a maxi skirt.

Are you brave enough to try the knotted look this summer?

Another one of my favorite Instagram girls is @trendyteacher.  If you’re not following her, go now.  Don’t even finish this sentence, just go.  Okay, now that you have a new trendy teacher to follow (see what I did there?), you should know that her hair is utter perfection.  The balayage hair technique is similar to the ombre style of 2014, but messier and trendier.  Get ready to drool in 3… 2…. 1…



And my attempt…


Don’t even bother looking at Pinterest for these amazing baylage hair colors.  Just copy @trendyteacher’s picture to your phone and show it to your stylist!

Last, but not least, are adorable and super comfy challis shorts.  I found mine from Walmart for under $8 per pair by No Boundaries.  My one piece of advice would be to make sure that these shorts are long enough and big enough for you.  As a teacher, I presume most of you are also grown women within the 20-40 age range.  Look at the print and fabric and assess it’s “adult-ness” for women of our age.  If it looks too “teeny-bopper,” it probably is.  Besides the patterns shown below, there are many simple black and white ensembles that would be perfect for those of you who aren’t quite comfortable with this trend just yet.

Black Poppy Smocked Challis Shorts - reallyyyy want these. only an xlarge left. wahh :(

From Pac Sun

Imperial Star Printed Challis Shorts

From Macy’s

No Boundaries Juniors Soft Challis Shorts -

From Walmart

Which summer trend are you rocking?  How are you mixing up your regular ol’ teacher wardrobe to work in fashion during your summer vacation?  I’d love to hear from all of you!

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