Pop a Print 

Spring may have finally sprung and it’s time to put away all those boring grays and blacks. One of the best ways to transition a wardrobe to a new season is to add a small pop of print, whether it be leopard, floral, or plaid. You can brighten up and rejuvenate a wardrobe without breaking the bank on a whole new closet of clothing. 

Pinterest Examples of Print Popping


Obviously you want to get the most for your money, and as spring can sometimes be temperamental, you don’t want to put away all of your winter clothing yet. So how can you integrate some prints into your wardrobe, all while staying on a budget?

Here are some options, my friends.

Target kimono, $23

Target leopard flats, $30

Charming Charlie tote, $40

Charming Charlie scarf, $14

Kohl’s maxi skirt, $31

Kohl’s printed top, $27

Francesca’s printed top, $28

Walmart cardigan, $10 (also in a pretty floral)

Walmart tote, $10

Which print do you prefer to rock this spring?  Are you a leopard or floral girl?  Stripes or polka dots?  Do you mix your prints?  Share your faves below!

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One thought on “Pop a Print 

  1. oh man! Target and Walmart are killing it! (I cannot believe I just said that about walmart clothing…) Gotta go by and check out some of these pieces!!!

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