The Best of Pinterest and Fall Fashion

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in quite some time. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of me that easily. I’m back with a brand new laptop/tablet and lots of fun fall fashion advice. Get ready, my pre-winter fashionistas….

The Zara-inspired blanket scarf

I found this gorgeous Zara scarf dupe on GroopDealz, one of the many flash sale websites. The scarf itself is sold by Brina Box for $29.99. This scarf goes with everything, as you can see from these popular pins via Pinterest.

Zara scarf 2Zara scarf 3Zara scarf

The J. Crew-inspired herringbone vest

I just got this gem in the mail on Wednesday, but wore it to Thaup, statement necklace, and skinny jeans paired with black combat boots. I felt very stylish yet unbelievably comfortable. I, again, found this great deal on GroopDealz back in October. The actual seller is Hemline Mom. While it took forever (about 30 days) for the vest to arrive, it was well worth the wait, especially for under $30. Both the J. Crew original and the many dupes have been inundating Pinterest, too.

Jkempf herringbone vestHerringbone vest

The J. Crew versatile skirt

I purchased this amazingly versatile skirt through the J. Crew Factory website during a huge 50% off sale. It’s perfect for the holiday season and, as you can tell from my Instagram pic, goes with all types of prints and sweaters.

The skirt comes in many styles and colors and you can see how this Pinterest goddess accessorized with a vest and flannel popover.

Jcrew skirt 2 Jcrew skirt

Jamberry nails… again!

I’m loving the new Jamberry wraps and, after multiple attempts at applying and always getting wrinkles, I found the best tutorial video here. Using her suggestions, I immediately went to the local CVS and bought a spoon cuticle pusher. My Jams have never looked better! I can’t wait to use the spoon to apply all my new Jamberry wraps!

So what are you all loving this holiday season?

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