What’s Really Important

Apparently I am no longer a Type A personality. I swear I used to be. I used to fit the Wikipedia definition to a T. I was status oriented and wanted to be the best of the best. So how did I go from A to B?

To be honest I think I grew up a little. Now that I have a family that needs me, I don’t have the luxury of worrying about abstract ideas like perfection and popularity. As a neophyte teacher I was more self-absorbed and, as my husband worked on his career goals, I too strove to be the best of the best. And that was okay for me at that time in my life. But having a child, and really relying on only my husband for any kind of help, turned me into a definite Type B.

Do I still do a great job at work? Yes. I take home work once in a while. I arrive much earlier than required in order to accomplish the necessary tasks. I care about my career. But, at the same time, I leave work right at 4:15, the end of my contract time. I go home and play and enjoy my evenings without a single thought for work. I don’t really care about teacher rubrics for effectiveness or any number that’s tied to my abilities. I let this attitude guide my teaching.

My students know that they are more than a test score. I also know that they are more than students. They are softball players, actresses, little diplomats, gamers, basketball players, caregivers, chefs, maids, little mothers, big brothers. At the end of the day, they leave the student hat on the desk and go on about their lives. So I have to be compassionate enough to understand that they, too, have lives that should not revolve around perfection and popularity. I have to care about the other hats each child wears which involves listening, talking with, and being silly with the students. Teaching and being a disciplinarian are only small portions of my job. The rest is maintaining a bunch of personalities and pushing each to succeed for a short time during the day so that they can succeed at wearing many other hats throughout their lives.

So which personality type is better? I’m definitely going with B… For now!

Some recent outfits to transition to fall:
Old Navy striped waffle-knit sweater (bought in three colors)!


Anthropologie thrifted dress (I got so many compliments on this one)!


Old Navy white waffle sweater and Old Navy Rockstar fit pants (also bought in three colors)!


The white waffle sweater over a plaid J. Crew Factory button down!


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