The Five Things I’m Into This Month

Happy October! I am having a hard time believing that my fall break has already arrived. Our first quarter is behind us and we are 1/4 of the way to middle school.

As we transition into fall there are several things I’m currently digging. I’ll share here and, as always, feel free to let me know what you’re into this month!

1. Thrifted clothes
Yes, you read correctly. I am obsessed with thrifting. But this isn’t the old-school thrifting of wandering through Goodwill or Salvation Army. The newest trend is online thrifting.

I currently thrift via Instagram. I follow several IGers’ “closets,” meaning that these gals have separate accounts dedicated to selling their used clothes. Some are even “professional personal shoppers” who live in big cities and thrift clothes to resell online. Most are name brand, including tons of J Crew, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, and so on. Many of the items are considered “EUC” (excellent used condition) or “NWT” (new with tags). My husband is getting pretty sour about the amount of packages I’ve been getting on a weekly basis, but a good deal is a good deal.

Thrifted dress

Thrifted sweater top and skinny red pants

Thrifted top

Thrifted sweater

Thrifted skirt

2. Jamberry nails
In case you’ve ever paid close attention to my pics, you would have noticed that my finger nails were never painted. The reason is because I can’t stand the look of chipped polish. This means that, when I do paint my nails, it’s a one day adventure that is shortly removed or picked off. No fun and a waste of time.

Intro: Jamberry nails.

These amazing nail decal stickers are the latest in nail art. $15 gets you a package of stickers that can give you four mani/pedis. The designs are amazing and last up to two weeks or longer!

Applying the “jams” is super easy, too. I recommend watching some YouTube videos to watch the pros showing the application process. Oh, and don’t worry about buying an expensive mini heater. A blow dryer works just fine!



3. Postcrossing
My class’s theme this year is all about traveling the world. From mini airplanes to license plate name tags, I’ve decked out my room. My absolute favorite decoration this year is the interactive postcard wall map. I found the map at a local teacher store. I then came across the website Postcrossing, which is a postcard exchange site.

When you sign up for PXing, you’ll be sent up to five international addresses. Once the post cards arrive at those locations, your address will be pulled by a random PXer and you’ll receive your own card(s) from around the world. So far we’ve gotten cards from South Africa, China, Poland, and a few other Eastern European countries. Not only do my students love getting the cards, but so do I!


4. Dr. Jart BB creme
I recently received a sample of the Dr. Jart water-fused BB creme from Sephora. I then received a pore minimizing sample through my Birchbox. Based on these two product samples, I can safely say I was really impressed with the brand.

The Dr. Jart pore minimizer smells amazingly and left my skin feeling airbrushed without that nasty tightness. The water-fused BB creme felt like I was merely applying a cotton ball soaked in water. I was left with a slight tinted coverage and could’ve easily worn it alone with a little mascara and lip gloss. The next time you’re in Sephora, ask for a Dr. Jart sample so you can feel what I’m feeling!

5. My new ‘do
You probably could tell from the above pictures that I chopped off my hair. Nothing too drastic, but I’d definitely classify the new look as a bob. I added in some bangs for versatility and, all this week, happened to pin them back. But it’s nice to have other options.

Bobs and “lobs” (long bobs) are really stylish and practical. My hair is so much easier to style and can be worn dirty without it being obvious. I just add in a few waves with my iron, spritz some hairspray, and add a few pins. Done in no time! What hair are you wearing this fall?





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One thought on “The Five Things I’m Into This Month

  1. Hey Jenna, love your Postcrossing wall! It’s cool to be able to get postcards from around the world, without even having to leave Indianapolis! –Mike Woods

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