Thank Gosh for my Hubby

Growing up with a single parent who worked two jobs, I often took for granted how much my mom put into the basics: lunches, dinner, laundry, homework, etc. Now, with a kid of my own, I can’t imagine doing it all without my husband to help.

This week was my first true experience as a single parent. Hubby went to Michigan for a conference. He left Sunday night and came back yesterday. Thank goodness.

Because of his job, hubs is the one who drops off L at preschool each morning. Thus, I’m afforded the luxury of taking my time and having a stress free morning. I now know how important this is to me. Not having to deal with a screaming angry toddler because he’s sleepy… Not having to change my outfit because milk was spilled on it… Not dragging a screaming toddler into school only to turn away from the shrieks of “Mommy come back!”

Two out of the three days went really well, but it’s that one day where all of the above happened that kills your spirit. I’ve never felt 100% great about being a working mom and having your son sob because he wants to stay with you at home and snuggle is awful. Walking away from that? Heart wrenching.

I truly don’t think the working mother guilt ever goes away. It’s even worse for me, I believe, because I spend all day with other people’s children while someone spends all day with mine. #assbackwardsmuch?

Now that hubby is home and programming has returned to it’s normal schedule, it’s easier for me to deal with being a working mom. As I leave I see L sleeping peacefully. Who would want to wake him? When I pick him up I get to see his excitement and hear all about his great day. So much easier than the morning routine!

What do you think? Do you have working mom guilt?

Top: JCrew Factory “photo floral” pattern
Pants: Rock’n Republic for Kohls, white denim
Jewels: Bangles by me, emerald-shaped bracelet by Mindy Mae’s Market (via





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