The Why Behind the Effort

Yesterday, after eagerly tossing my hair into a messy bun and throwing on some shorts and a tank for a trip to the state fair, I began thinking about my daily morning routine during the week. Why spend so much time on primping and styling? Why spend so much money on trendy and in style clothing?

I asked this same question to my fellow teachers on Instagram. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“If I look presentable, they treat me as an adult.”

“I choose to look presentable because I have an image to uphold.”

“I want to show the girls that you can dress modestly and still be cute.”

“I do it for me. I feel better if I look good.”

“I feel more energized to be with my students when I look my best.”

“When you feel your best you want to do your best.”

“I feel that it sets the tone of my classroom. When I slack, my students notice and ask if I’m feeling okay.”

I certainly agree with all of the above and, even better, I enjoy shopping and finding styles that accentuate my style. So, fellow educators, why do you dress fashionably at work?

My own #ootd was low-key. My husband is out of town and I’m in charge of getting the kid up and dropped off by 7:00 and hurrying to work by 7:45. I needed to move!

Top: Old Navy floral tee
Pants: Candie’s for Kohls black ponte skinnies




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