And so it begins… Not the misbehaviors or sass, but rather the TMI, cringe-worthy information that parents love to share with teachers. ::shudder::

I’ve heard it all. I’ve heard about little girl’s menstrual cycles, boys’ exposing themselves, and even parent personal issues (that really should only be shared with a doctor). Today, though, I got an eyeful via email about how one of my students has been having “accidents” since returning to school last Thursday.

Um… Didn’t need to know that about a middle school aged boy. But let’s face it, boys are disgusting. I have one and I’m married to another. They’re gross and they don’t necessarily take care of everything down there! So I’m finding it hard to believe that the student (who has remained in my class close to my desk as these “accidents” occurred) experienced legitimate número two fiascos. Just saying… My classroom Scentsy ain’t gonna mask that kind of stank!

So, on top of being a teacher, counselor, psychologist, parent, and disciplinarian to these students, I am now a nurse practitioner, eager to hear all of your child’s symptoms and bodily concerns. Share away because it’s not awkward at all to know such things about your child!

Lucky for me I at least had a decent wardrobe day, student issues and all!

Dress: Old Navy ponte fit and flare (loving this style as it is similar to last week’s pink J. Crew dress. So flattering on all body types).
Necklace: LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Bracelets: made by yours truly
Belt: Francesca’s







About ClassyinClasshttps://classyinclass.wordpress.comMom. Wife. Teacher. Ex-vegetarian. Queen of the classroom. Sovereign of the household.

2 thoughts on “TMI!

  1. I am so happy that I subscribe to you. Love the outfit. You have open my eyes to so many things about teachers in general. Thank you.

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