What the Hell, Starbucks?!

Today I awoke with a pep in my step. It was my first Monday with my new class and I was super eager to begin working on actual school work, rather than just completing “getting to know you” activities. I had pre-ironed and laid out my clothes the night before. I didn’t hit snooze even once. Today was going to be great!

As I rolled up to the local Starbucks, I noticed a sign stating “ATM open during construction.” There were zero cars in the lot, but I figured that maybe a new layer of asphalt was being laid down and that the cars were parked in the back. Wrong. Starbucks was closed!

I know something so trivial seems silly, but whenever we are out of our schedule, things can be crazy and anxieties rise. Lucky for me a coworker brought me a cupcake, and I later snacked on my granola bar and Babybel cheese. I survived.

Basically the moral of my story is this: don’t let the trivial things ruin your day. Whether you argue with a spouse or get stuck in traffic, it’s all trivial. Put it all into perspective and think about how lucky you are today.

Top: Jcrew Factory anchor top
Skirt: Jcrew Factory swing
Necklace: Purple Peridot clear crystal




Have you ever had a rough start to the week? How did you handle it?

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