Bangles, Bracelets, Baubles! Customizable!

Classy in Class bangles

Before I invest in an Etsy shop to sell my wire-wrapped bangles and baubles, I’d like to see how this system works to take orders, provide customizable information, and so forth.  While my bead collection is always growing and changing, this is a general idea of what I have available for customizable baubles at this time.

ClassyinClass Bangles Classy in Class Bangles


Below you will find some samples of my work with current pricing, which does include shipping.  If you are interested in ordering multiples and bundling, I am more than eager to discuss a discount.

20140509-192149.jpg 20140509-192142.jpg 20140509-192136.jpg

$12, turquoise stones with gold wire





$10, silver wire with sea foam green accent beads




$15, gold wire and beaded circular charm



20140509-192124.jpg 20140509-192131.jpgIMG_5485

$10, spikes and hot pink beading on gold wire





$10, gold wire with Azul beading and clear acrylics





$18, double bangle set includes one silver and one black with various charms and tassel





$10, gold wire and turquoise stone with brown accent


Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook (links on sidebar) for the most current handmade bracelets for sale.  Customizable inquiries can be left as a comment on this post and I will work with you to ensure your jewelry needs are satisfied!

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