Heels at Work: The Devil’s Torture Device

There are two types of heels in my book: those that feel like you’re walking on shards of glass and those that feel like you’re walking on shards of glass. Yup, I’ve not met a single heel that doesn’t kill my feet, and anyone who claims otherwise has got to be lying. Can a high heel ever really feel as good, or better, than being barefoot? No.

So why do we women put ourselves through such pain and agony? Is it to impress men? No. It’s purely to show up other women. We wear heels because we feel that it makes us look good compared to other women.

Now, that is not to say that when putting my heels on I am thinking of a specific woman. Not so. I am comparing myself to all women. Facebook friends. Celebrities. Instagram followers. Real and imaginary women. We compare!. And comparing causes us to do crazy things, such as torture our tootsies!

While I normally wear flats or boots, I decided to venture into the high heels today. I’ve been feeling a little inferior height-wise compared to my fifth graders, so that was one more reason to stack on the heels.

A friend once said that “you’ve got to commit to the heels,” meaning that you cannot have that “safety pair” available. You can’t wear the heels for an hour and then suddenly switch to flip flops. If you choose to wear the heels, you go “heels to the wall!” Since then I’ve mentally psyched myself up each morning (when I do decide to don heels) to bypass tossing a pair of “safety shoes” into my car. I commit to the heel!

And on that note, I will not be wearing heels again for a very long time.

Top: local boutique
Bottoms: Walmart skinnies
Jewels: Jane,J Crew Factory, and local boutique
Heels: Nine West





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3 thoughts on “Heels at Work: The Devil’s Torture Device

  1. I am of the opinion, high heels can be very comfortable. They have to fit correctly or they will never feel good. It is not just about the number for the size, it has to do with the style, the designer and sometimes the place you intend to be in them. I have hundreds of heels and most are comfortable. My reasoning’s for poor fitting heels is different as they shoes are not designed with my particular foot in mind. I say keep up the good work wearing heels. πŸ˜‰

      • It is truly based on the individual. I can give some info but you must find what fits you best. Aldo is a narrow fit, Nine West can sometimes run half size small and narrow, Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson seem to be a little more roomy, Sam Edelmans also can be a little more roomy. When trying on shoes, go up and down a half to full size to test the best fit, sometimes your fit is not comparable to the designer, sometimes the shoe style, slingbacks offer more freedom, sandals can depend on your foot shape and boots/booties may need more space for socks. The pointer the toe the tighter the toe-box may be. Round toes or almond toes are a good fit for frequent walking. A platform also helps when wearing higher heels; even if it is half an inch. Beyond all this, if the shoe fits well, posture can cause difficulties as well. Common issue for those not wearing heels often, is a tendency to lean forward slightly; this places more weight on the balls of ones feet versus distributing weight more evenly from the heel to the toes. It is something to be conscious of until it is a habit to lean back slightly. Smaller steps are not always desired but come with wearing heels. The higher the heel the smaller the steps; being in a hurry is not helpful in heels. The next adventure in shopping for heels, focus on the fit and the feel; taking note of the brand and style of the shoe. Make comparisons, wear them for several minutes in the store, walk around in them. If you have a foot slightly larger than the other, that is the one in need of the most attention. I hope this helps, I look forward to seeing yo in some new and awesome heels. πŸ˜‰

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