Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Before getting into my outfit post of the day I thought I’d share a story semi-related to pearls. If you’re only here for the outfit posts, feel free to scroll down. If you like a little lifestyle built into your daily outfit posting, continue reading…

When I was younger my parents divorced and my mom dated. A lot. My brother and I met a few of these gents, but most were cut before getting to the “meet the kids” round. In late elementary school (4th grade) my mom began dating a man named Brian. After a while he moved in with us and life seemed good.

I really liked this man and, as he became part of our little family, I actually contemplated calling him “dad.” I didn’t, and in hindsight I’m very glad. But, at the time I didn’t know much, being all of ten.

One day he gave me a little pearl bracelet. The pearls weren’t real, but the bracelet had belonged to his mom and it made me feel very special, like I was “daughter-worthy.” I cherished that little bracelet.

Like all of my mom’s prior relationships, this one too wasn’t meant to last and, eventually, they broke up. Brian swore that my brother and I would still be a part of his life, but that too fell by the wayside. When he moved out I began wearing the little pearl bracelet and continued to every day for over a year.

Eventually the fake pearl coating came off one pearl. Then another. Finally the string broke and I was forced to put the piece aside. It was only years later, as I was cleaning out my mom’s house after she had passed away, that I came across the broken pearl bracelet. It was stuffed in the drawer that was just below where she placed her purse each night.

A part of me will always remember that old broken bracelet every time I wear pearls, and I don’t think I’ll ever own a real set. I don’t know that I’d want to own a real set anyway. It’s funny how an old cheap piece of plastic jewelry can hold so many memories, much more than a real set ever would.

Top: TJ Maxx
Bottoms: Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Necklace: J Crew Factory Multi-Strand




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