Top it with a Knot: A Teacher’s Go-To Hair ‘Do

What better way to be woken up than by a screaming toddler at 3:30 am who has peed all over his bedding! That’s basically how my morning started, so throwing my hair into a top knot was the perfect way to combat my exhaustion pre-Starbucks.

When I do a top knot, I actually combine two knots into one. I gather the hair from the crown of my head first and loop it through a hair tie about three times. I do not wrap my hair because then it looks too “done.” I prefer the messy style.

At this point I’ve got a crazy ball of hair on my head and the rest of my hair hanging down my back in a half-up, half-down style. I gather the remaining hair and pretty much wrap/loop/gather it all around the original knot before securing the whole mess with a second tie. The hair will likely be all over the place, so I tuck stray pieces, secure parts with pins, and also pull and loosen the knot quite a bit so it looks truly messy and crazy.

Finally I spray with hairspray and voila! A crazy fat ball of hair that wasn’t washed but still looks relatively presentable with the right outfit.

Top: Old Navy outlet
Necklace: Purple Peridot
Pants: LC for Lauren Conrad at Kohls
Bracelets: same as yesterday
Lip color: Makeup for Forever Sephora brand





About ClassyinClasshttps://classyinclass.wordpress.comMom. Wife. Teacher. Ex-vegetarian. Queen of the classroom. Sovereign of the household.

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