Bow-You-Tiful Day: Accessorizing with Bows

Day 7 of the #classyinclasschallenge is all about bows! I’ve mentioned that bows are trending like crazy this season. From earrings to t-shirts, you can easily add a bow to your outfit.

I found this bow-you-tiful top at Old Navy outlet while on spring break. It was $5! The bracelets, while not bows, easily fit the outfit and add some mixing to the accessories (and tie into the pearl statement).

Don’t be afraid to throw in all kinds of trends: bows, glam bracelets, roses, pearls, etc. Mix up your prints, patterns, colors, and so forth. The biggest piece of fashion advice for this season is don’t be afraid to mix it up!

Top: Old Navy outlet
Pants: NY and Co (basically sweats) “work” pants
Necklace: J Crew Factory
Bracelets: Very Jane daily deal website





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