Why I’ll Tell My Son to Hit Back

Off the fashion and beauty topic for just a moment today.

As a teacher and parent, I have a unique view of children’s behavior. I see the good and the bad from children who are not my own. I see the good and bad from my own son. I know that children can exhibit bad behavior, even my son. No child is perfect.

I had an interesting question posed to me yesterday. If my child was being habitually harassed at school, would I tell him to use physical means to stop it?


If the harassment was merciless.
If the teacher and administration had been told.
If contact between the parents had been made.
If my son had exercised all his resources and included all adults who could potentially help.

Yes, hit the little snot. Lay his ass out.


Accept the consequences handed down by the school.
Know that while you would unconditionally have the support of me and your dad, you won’t be supported by the school staff.
Understand that, just because you are punished, it doesn’t always mean you were wrong.

That’s the easy part. I will always support my child and, luckily, am able to be proud of him no matter what choice he makes.

That’s not so as a teacher.

I have to tell children not to hit.
I have to tell children that, unless I personally see it, I can’t write it up as a referral to the office.
I have to tell children to use their words.

I don’t believe half the stuff I have to say.

I want to tell the child who comes to me with tears in his eyes, just hit him back.
I want to tell the child, some kids just need to be taken down a notch.
I want to tell the child that I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself.

But I can’t.

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