Classy in Class Face and Hair Product Reviews

I’ve slowly worked my way through most of the Sephora samples I received months ago, and with my Birchbox membership, have been able to determine which products are keepers!

The first product is a Birchbox exclusive by Beauty Protector. The Protect and Oil is amazing. Not only does it smell heavenly, it also leaves my hair shiny and frizz free all day. It’s my new after-shower detangler as well. Slathering this on my hair instantly allows me to run my fingers through the knots. I love it! Find it at Birchbox for $25.



My next new obsession is Sephora’s Perfecting Ultra Smooth Primer. At just $15 it’s a fraction of the cost of my Smashbox primer. The clear gel goes on smoothly and feels weightless. It airbrushes blemishes and other imperfections flawlessly too. It’s definitely another keeper!



And, finally, while I hate to admit it, I have become a Big Sexy Curls lover. The curling creme, a wallet buster at nearly $18 a tube, is worth it to me. It makes my hair soft and doesn’t weigh down the curls. I have tried other products through the years and I just can’t let this one go. Luckily for me, though, I’ve found a less expensive primer to help offset the cost!

What are you fav new products?

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