Mixing Patterns and Textures

As a teacher it’s imperative that I be stylish and fashionable. No, it’s not so that I can lord it over my coworkers and my students’ parents. It’s because, by showcasing my ability to look “fly” on a daily basis, I immediately garner respect from my female students. If they covet a necklace or admire my shoes, do you really think I’m going to get the attitude that most pre-teens give? No. You don’t give attitude to someone whose clothing and accessories you admire.

(This is not to say I never get girl drama/attitude. I do. But it’s nowhere near on level with what I’ve seen, and in six years it never has been. So this is my inference as to why I just don’t have much girl drama/attitude.)

Moving along, today’s teacher outfit is a mix of patterns (Aztec) and texture (denim). The top is via Nordstrom Rack and the denim is from Eddie Bauer. I’ve worn both of these pieces before, just not together.

My statement necklace is per Purple Peridot, and at $19.99 plus $0.99 for shipping it was a steal. I’ve worn it with so much.

So what do you think about teacher dress affecting student behavior? Am I grasping at straws or is there actually something there?




About ClassyinClasshttps://classyinclass.wordpress.comMom. Wife. Teacher. Ex-vegetarian. Queen of the classroom. Sovereign of the household.

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