Zulily and Birchbox Tea

I received my first Zulily purchase today. Needless to say, I am not impressed.


The necklace was beneath large bubble paper and then wrapped in bubble wrap, inside a pre-packaged plastic sleeve. This leads me to believe that it was broken before being placed in the shipment box. Who ships a broken item? I definitely won’t be ordering from or working as an affiliate with them any longer.

I also received my monthly Birchbox, complete with two packets of tea. I also got nail polish. Not such a big deal, but I requested no food items (I’m picky and I know it) and purposefully unchecked all nail products (I don’t paint my nails). I got some yummy perfume, hair oil, and a tube of face serum, so my box wasn’t a complete bust.



I was so looking forward to these deliveries and, I must admit, I’m slightly disappointed. I can easily glue the gem back onto the necklace. I can find someone to gift the nail polish to. (Be real, ain’t nobody want some tea…) But it’s still kind of sucky when the little things, like a package in the mail, don’t really live up to the expectations.

On a brighter note, my next Le Tote is on its way and it looks to be filled with goodies!

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