How to Use a Curling Iron to Get Looser Waves

With the lovely snowpocalypse this week, I had some free time. When I have the chance to lay around in my pajamas with L, I take it. This means I’m not showered and clean until noon at the earliest. When I do eventually shower I like to do something fun with my hair, since I don’t usually get a lot of “play time” during the week. This Wednesday I decided to use my curling iron to create loose waves.

This was the look I was going for.

I began with day two hair. I had volumizing powder and a little bit of curling cream and curling spray to brush out of my hair. Once it was all clear of knots, I looped it up with a clip and showered.

After showering and dressing, I took my first section of hair down and left the rest up. I normally split my hair into four sections: bottom, middle, crown, front.

Frizz and split ends – yuck.

I took a small piece, coiled it around the iron without using the clamps, and held for approximately 10-15 seconds. I basically just wound the hair around the iron as though it was a wand.

Not an overly large section



Continue winding and this is what the final result will look like from the first section.

Pull down the second section, the middle chunk, and repeat.


Once all the other sections have been curled, this is what the hair will look like. Pretty, right?


I then used a dab of argan oil, smeared it in my palms, and tousled and broke up the waves.


The argan oil will also tame any flyaways you might have. Set it with hairspray and you’re good to go!

Questions? Ask away!


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