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The following review of the subscription clothing service, Gwynnie Bee, was written by a good friend, Cori, from Louisiana.  We met on a December 2010 baby forum through The Bump (a sister site of The Knot).  We’ve shared our baby, toddler, and teaching stories ever since.  When I signed up for Le Tote, Cori also signed up.  She also, though, signed up for Gwynnie Bee, and has graciously reviewed the service as a guest post!

gwynnie bee

After being introduced to Le Tote from a friend I was intrigued by the idea of the “Netflix of Fashion” sites. I signed up for Le Tote and “Liked” them on Facebook. Of course Facebook, being a dirty lurker, suggests I might like the page Gwynnie Bee.  Facebook knows that I’m nosey, so I checked it out.

Gwynnie Bee is a monthly subscription service for sizes 10-32. It’s very much like Le Tote and yet so very different.

Here’s how it works:

You sign up for the subscription package you want. They have a ton of options for every budget.

gwynnie bee sub plans

I would start the trial with 3 garments at a time.  When you sign up you do have put in your credit card and they will “charge” but only as a pre-authorization. A pre-authorization is a temporary hold of a specific amount of the available balance on a credit / debit card. The pre-authorization is NOT a charge and you are not responsible for paying for it.

After you sign up, it’s time to start putting clothes in your closet! Unlike Le Tote, you can’t just put any outfit into your closet. Some only come in specific sizes. Since this service is geared more to the plus size woman they don’t have every dress on the site in every size from 10-32. You have to find the dress you like, and see if they have it in your size. Most outfits also have a size chart so you can see which size would best fit you. This is where Le Tote saves you a step. Your stylist figures this out for you. With Gwynnie Bee it’s on you. Be sure to read the reviews though.  Other people that got the outfit can tell you if it’s best to size up or down and how it fit them. You don’t get that with Le Tote.

Unlike Le Tote, there is a certain number of garments that need to be in your closet to activate your box. This is because they don’t limit how long users keep a garment so if you only have 5 items in your closet they might not be available. Follow the chart below to make sure you meet your minimum. To be safe, try to keep at least 20 items in your closet.

gwynnie bee closet

Shipping is free both ways! Also, Gwynnie Bee gives you two prepaid bags so you can send an item back without having to wait to wear all your garments.  This came in handy for me when a garment didn’t fit. I put it in the bag and sent it off. Then I went to my online closet to tell Gwynnie Bee that it was sent back. They went ahead and activated my next garment, so I don’t have to wait for them to receive the returned garment before being sent another one.

For a free 30 day trial, it’s worth it. I’m not sure if I’ll continue the service after the trial but I plan on milking it for all I can!

If you want to sign up for a free trial use this link!

Full disclosure, I’m supposed to get an extra garment for each person that uses it, but I’m not sure how that works on the free trial!


emmie-gwynnie-bee-closet-600x483   Gwynnie-Bee-Selection gwynnie-bee-size-261


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15 thoughts on “Guest Post – Gwynnie Bee Review

  1. I absolutely love gwynnie bee. Seriously their customer service is amazing and the garments are great. There were issues with shipping from the ice storm and they extended my trial without any prompting from me. Then when there were still delay times and the items were going to arrive just before my Disney vacation, I emailed them and they extended me one more time. You can also post questions and comments to their facebook and they are super responsive.

  2. The concept of Gwynnie Bee is exciting, but the reality is not. The shipping is too slow. This is probably due to the fact that they seem to have a low amount of inventory. They have a “closet minimum” (minimum amount of items you have to have in your closet before they will ship anything to you), but even though I have always kept at or above that number of garments closeted, I quite often get a message saying that they cannot ship anything to me yet. They have extended my trial because of that, but honestly, it just gets old. It is annoying as a trial member and it would be just plain unacceptable as a paying member, so I am sure I will cancel after my trial has ended. I wanted so badly for this service to be good and work and I was willing to put it into my budget because it is fun to search through clothes and select fun stuff to wear. Problem with Gwynnie Bee: you won’t get to wear the stuff you like. Chances are if you like it, it may be a popular garment and others will like it too. So you likely won’t receive it. Oh and did I mention that there is no way to prioritize your closet? If your closet minimum is 8, you have a 1 in 8 chance of getting a particular garment. My advise, use them for the free month if you’re bored, cancel a day before your trial ends. Not worth my hard earned money.

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  4. Gwynniebee sucks!!!! Their clothes all look like something you would find in a thrift store and have stains on them. They also will continue to bill your card even after you have cancelled your subscription! This company is a rip off and has the rudest customer service reps I have ever had the misfortune to talk to. Avoid this company at all costs, it is not worth the trouble!

    • I agree Amanda. It is not worth the money for sure. The shipping is so slow that you can’t possibly get any worth out of the service. You would have to have the ten garment at at time plan to benefit from it. They have lots of bloggers who they distribute the finer clothes to first so they can write them stellar reviews, but for the average Joe, it is hard to get anything that you requested. Not to mention there is no way to prioritize your closet. You are literally at their mercy as far as what you receive. The closet minimum is a total joke! If you keep the minimum, you will just get an email telling you how it’s your fault that an item could not be shipped yet because you don’t have enough garments in your closet, but if you add 15 more, they’ll surely be able to send you something. So basically if you pick the ugly or off season clothes, you’ll get fast shipping. If you actually want to wear one of the few fashionable, quality items they have, expect a week or more turn over rate. A joke!

      • Stephanie, I haven’t used GB but I know they’ve got a lot of unhappy customers due to their recent move. It’s disrupted shipping and current users are not happy.

      • I used Gwynnie Bee back in the spring. At that time the boxes were being shipped from New York. I live in South Carolina. Same coast, but still slow shipping? Have they moved since I used the service?

    • Amanda,

      I’ve personally never tried it. The girl who wrote this review has since cancelled her membership because I know GB has had some issues. When they first began i think they did a decent job trying to entice new users, which is why so many people like(d) it. But if you don’t keep your current customers happy, obviously your company’s reputation will suffer!

  5. GB is a scam pure and simple. Does not matter how many times you call Lisa (she can’t do anything – she is sweet but her hands are tied) The Wolf is Crystal. Watch out folks. This is one of the best rackets I have come across in years. The do not send the right sizes, they send winter clothes in summer and vice versa. If you cancel the service they cont, to bill you. Just when you think you have gotten rid of the Bee they come back and put a massive charge on your credit card. Okay so I disputed it with my bank they removed it and issued me a new car. Somehow Gwynnie charged
    my account another $680.52 again. Now this is after I have cancelled service, changed my card. And if that is not enough they started with the monthly service again. Should not be called Gwynnie Bee but Gwynnie Roach…You simply can not get rid of them. Do yourself and your bank account a favor shop anywhere else. IMHO they are the worst retailer on Planet Earth.

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