February Style Challenge

If you’re not yet following me on Instagram, you’re missing out. I have been an IG user for a while, but never really put much effort or thought into using it as a social media platform. Now, however, I see how wrong I was.

Many of the teachers I follow on IG participate in challenges involving outfits. This month the challenge days and clothing items are:


Today I did my best to come up with a decent floral print that also hadn’t yet been featured on the blog. The top is from a local boutique that recently went out of business. I paired it with gray legging/pants from New York and Co. and brown boots from Karisma. The boots have a red detail along the zipper that matches the red accents in the floral print. The necklace, I believe, is from Forever 21. It’s simply an inexpensive one with pink and white flowers and other beading.








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