Weekend Wrap-Up

I definitely utilize my weekends to catch up on my blog reading.  It’s important to network with other bloggers by actually reading and commenting on their sites.  I’ve also really jumped into Instagram this week and have started following a few other fashionable teachers.  As I delve into Instagram, though, my Pinterest activity falls a bit.  It’s a definite balance, and I’m not sure I’m there just yet.  However, I’d like to share with you some of the best posts and pics of the week.  Some are mine, most aren’t.  Enjoy!


Renting Clothes?  Le Tote!

Argan Hair Oil – What You Need to Know

Teacher Moms vs. Non-Mother Teachers

From Instagram

Sephora Loot 6b7c2a1e893e11e380990e1230a8663d_8 52dd15608a1811e3b6b312f0425f1fa5_8 81d1298c8a1911e381a51226872a7a67_8 262b49068a9011e3a43a0acef2407122_8

Instagram users you should be following: Kandi Kempf, Purple Peridot, and Jules

Lots of loot from Birchbox and Sephora.  Best hair week ever using Not Your Mother’s Volumizing Powder.  And, of course, outfit variety due to Le Tote (code LETOTESTYLE27 gives you $10 off your first month).

My Favorite Pins of the Week



How to Build a Wardrobe from Real Simple Magazine


I really want to try and review this curling balm from Evo.  I’ve never looked for it at stores, so I’ll need to find out where I can buy it, other than from Amazon.


Best Crockpot Meal – I really need to expand my use of the crockpot.  It’s so simple.  I just need to try some new recipes!

From around the Web:

The Duke Twins – if you don’t know who these poor kids are, Rolling Stone magazine did an amazing article about the life they’ve led

A Fellow Hoosier Makin’ the News – I do not find it ironic at all that the gate to Hell is in Gary, Indiana

Resolution Revolution – an SNL skit showing why we fail at New Year’s Resolutions

(Do it On My) Twin Bed – another SNL skit about the holidays at home

I hope you enjoy the weekend wrap-up.  If you found something to share, post it here!  I’d love to know what you were up to this week!

About ClassyinClasshttps://classyinclass.wordpress.comMom. Wife. Teacher. Ex-vegetarian. Queen of the classroom. Sovereign of the household.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up

  1. I love how you gave recommendations as to who to follow. I went ahead and followed u on instagram. We have an instagram too @stalkingbeauty. I was thinking that maybe another good way to network is doing a bloghop or link party. Would you be interested in teaming up and doing one?

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