Le Tote Dress #3

I’m finally on my last dress from my first tote. I have to say that I’m very pleased with the Le Tote membership so far. I’ve lucked out, though. All of the items I received were my size and conservative enough to wear to work. My clothes did not have a dry-cleaned smell and were all options I had hearted on the site. Is that the case for everyone? No.

One friend received chemically-smelling clothes and also got a dress that is super low cut and obviously cannot be worn to work. She simply emailed her stylist who then made a note for the next tote to have more business appropriate clothing.

Another friend received a dress she hadn’t hearted. This wouldn’t be such a horrible thing, except that she too is a teacher and the pleather item cut so high that her underwear showed. Not okay. I told her to email her stylist and possibly discontinue service. In my opinion, you don’t send out items the customer purposefully didn’t heart, especially on the first tote! That’s just setting yourself up for failure.

I’ll probably continue the service for now, but I don’t think I’m a lifetimer. I like getting up in the morning and putting together an outfit of my choice. While I like having the Le Tote options, I felt that I had to wear them right away so I could send back and get my next tote.

So if you like not having to think about what to wear each morning and are ready to try some new styles, use code LETOTESTYLE27 for $10 off your first month.

Dress: Le Tote
Tights: Hue brand from Nordstrom Rack
Boots: Chooka brand from Nordstrom Rack
Jacket: Eddie Bauer







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4 thoughts on “Le Tote Dress #3

  1. I actually like when they send me a mix of items I “heart” and don’t “heart.” Sometimes my stylist surprises me with something I wouldn’t have selected for myself but ends up looking great. And sometimes I get an item I “heart” and it looks awful on. I’ve been using Le Tote for almost a year now and my recommendation would be to always keep your stylist in the loop on what you’d like. You’ll be super happy with your box each month/week if you do.

    • That’s exactly what I told my fellow Le Toters. They emailed and the stylist was very eager to update their profiles to include the appropriateness factor. I do like that I can heart styles that I wouldn’t normally buy, just to see how they’d look on me. It gives me a chance to try a new style without the commitment. My first bag is going back today so I can’t wait to see what I get next!

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