Not Your Mother’s Hair Products

While at the Walmart yesterday I browsed the hair product aisle and came upon two new(er) Not Your Mother’s styling products.


I began by using the detangling spray on my wet hair. I’ve been having some trouble getting my hair brushed out without much breakage, so I was in the market for some kind of leave-in conditioner. This stuff made my hair feel soft and I was able to easily finger comb through it without losing my curl. The smell is nice too.

I was also in the market for a root lifter, as my Big Sexy Hair root pump is completely on empty. I’ve seen Kate from the small things blog use a root lifting powder, and I thought I’d try this brand. So far I love it. I can tell that I’m already getting instant lift. I shake a little on the roots, swish around with my fingers, and my fine hair is instantly transformed.

It’s almost like a salt shaker, so a little goes a long way. The powder itself is a grayish chalk, so you want to make sure to blend it in well if you have dark hair.

In regards to today’s outfit, I’m in love. It’s very springy and bright. I definitely feel put together in this ensemble, which is not a daily occurrence no matter how well I seem to.

Top ($46), boots, and necklace ($24): Karisma

Pants: Walmart Faded Glory

Watch: Express

Bracelet: J. Crew







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