Why You Can’t Forget About Walmart

I abhor Walmart. From the stories about the treatment of their employees to the idiocy of the shoppers, frequenting Walmart is my worst nightmare. But, after gaining a following on Instagram and finding some other fashionable teachers in my niche, I felt that I had to give the place another chance.

teacher fashionista on Instagram
kandi kempf on Instagram

Both ladies, teachers in the Southwest US, were rocking Walmart pants. One, black skinnies, and the other, colored denim. Why wasn’t I taking advantage of these hidden gems?

So, with a polar vortex day off from school, I decided to forego Target in favor for Walmart.

While I browsed the clothing section of Walmart I realized that the basics, black ponte skinnies, colored denim, and collared button downs, aren’t so much about quality. I take extra care of my clothes, wash them in cool water, and rotate other options in often. This means that having high quality basics that will last forever isn’t necessarily a priority for me.

With the constant trend changes, it’s much more prudent for me to buy inexpensive basics that will be worn often and simply replace as needed for cheap.

So, on my trip today I picked up a pair of mulberry-colored skinnies for $17.

skinny ponte pants $17
Use your savings on skinny black pants to buy more expensive tops and shoes.



2 pack colored leggings $18

chinos, $15

button down $13
And really, why should you pay more for a button down when it’ll be worn under more expensive sweaters?



So skimp on the basics so you can invest more money into your spotlight pieces, like sweaters, accessories, and shoes!

About ClassyinClasshttps://classyinclass.wordpress.comMom. Wife. Teacher. Ex-vegetarian. Queen of the classroom. Sovereign of the household.

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