The First Le Tote

My first Le Tote box came yesterday, after being shipped from San Fran on Thursday.


Immediately inside is the return envelope. Once I’m done with my three items, I can toss them into the envelope, drop it in the mail, and await my next tote.


All of the items are packed and folded neatly. Because I had previously read reviews of a chemical/dry cleaning smell on the clothes, I leaned in and took a big whiff. Nothing. The clothes I received did not smell. So that’s obviously a plus.
The first dress I received:


This is one of the dresses I had “hearted” on the site.

The second dress I received:


I also picked this one out on my favorites when I signed up.

The last dress:


Again, another dress I chose from the online options.

The jewelry:



And tucked beneath it all, the actual tote, which I’m not sure if I keep or put all the clothes inside before putting into the return envelope.


To sum up:


I can’t wait to wear my outfits and then toss them back into the mail before receiving new options. However, if I do fall in love with one of the items, I can purchase for a discounted price. We shall see!

Don’t forget to use LETOTESTYLE27 for $10 off your first month! You can get as many totes as possible in a month, depending on how quickly you wear and return. By my calculations I can feasibly wear and return 2-3 boxes a month. With no late return fees and the option to rate the clothes online, I’m impressed.

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