I was at Target all by Myself

Yesterday, after a short day at work, I had to quickly run to Target to grab a birthday present for one of Logan’s friends. Luckily for me, the trip was in vain (too sick to go) so I was able to spend over an hour by myself in one of my favorite stores.

I spent every last minute leisurely strolling the aisles of things I wouldn’t buy and didn’t need. Shoes, stationary, home decor… I finally stumbled upon these little gems on the clearance rack in the juniors’ department.

$10 for these warm long-underwear-type v-neck sweaters. Of course I had to get XL because, you know, I actually have boobs and am not the size of a 15 year old. But these will definitely be a staple that I can wear both to work and on the weekends. Score!








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