You’re Doing It (Using a Curling Iron) Wrong

Over break, specifically during the Polar Vortex, I watched a ton of hair tutorials on the small things blog. Kate, a professional hair stylist, is my beauty crush. She has excellent videos that you should really watch if you’re interested in doing something different with your ‘do.

Kate’s hair tutorials

One video in particular stood out. How to curl your hair with a curling iron not only showed me that I was curling my hair wrong, but also detailed the correct way to curl. I had been curling from the bottom up, which was frying my roots. Who knew?! Kate did. And thanks to her my hair looks very Jackie O. today. Thanks, Kate!

Top: Francesca’s gold thread diamond patterned pinky salmon 3/4 sleeve sweater, $44

Pants: NY and Co khaki “not sweatpants but are just as comfy”, $40ish (you can always find these on sale; they are the option with no zipper and literally are the most comfortable work pants I own)

Shoes: Old Navy brown flats, old



No idea what my T-Rex hand is about.


Naked 3 palette eye shadow works so well with this sweater!

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