Too-Faced Air Buffed BB Cream Complete Coverage Makeup

Today was my first experience, on my own, with the Too-Faced Air Buffed BB Cream Complete Coverage Makeup (could the name be any longer?!). I loved it on in the store yesterday, but I was a little worried about recreating the look by myself.

$39 at Sephora
Luckily I was ready to go this morning and actually did a decent job!

Once you open the little box you’ll see that the makeup comes with an applicator brush that neatly fits to the top of the case. It’s retractable, but is still pretty small.

Once you open up the makeup you’ll notice a solid inside. It’s not a mousse or powder.

You’ll want to “charge” the brush with makeup by swirling it in large circles. (“Charge” is an art term for “load that shit up on a brush.”)

With a brush full of the makeup, you will apply with small circular motions all over your face. The small circles help blend the makeup in. Once the makeup is applied, you will have to wash out your applicator brush. This stuff will not be easy to apply with a chunked-up crusty brush the next day. I just used a little bit of my face wash and soaked the brush under warm water.
I will say that you might want to hold off on cleaning the brush until after you’ve applied and blended your blush, too.

What the website says:
This is the first complete coverage beauty balm that evens skintone and banishes imperfections with an air-buffed second-skin finish. The result? Flawless-looking skin. The cream-to-powder formula provides long-lasting, complete, and buildable coverage with the benefits of five products: it perfects, mattifies, primes, and moisturizes. Blend this lightweight formulation onto your skin with a snap-in-place Air Buff Brush specifically created with Too Faced’s signature cruelty-free Teddy Bear Hair. Smart ingredients such as rose fruit refine the appearance of pores and create matte coverage, while star fruit leaf moisturizes, leaving a beautiful complexion.

What I say:
Overall I’m very happy with my purchase. I’m still a little hesitant on how long this makeup will last compared to a traditional liquid. I also am not a fan of the applicator brush. It’s too small for me. However, it is a solid quality brush, as not a single hair came off onto my face during the application process. It was hard to clean all the makeup out of it, though, which is another reason to purchase a larger brush.

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