Classy Hair – Curly Sexy Curling Creme

Changing hair products can be agonizing. You don’t want to spend a ton of money on something that doesn’t work. This is never more true than for my curly girlies. A bad product can leave you with frizzy, stiff, or flat curls. And you can’t hide that shit with a ponytail.

I’ve wanted to try the Curly Sexy Hair products for a while, especially since I love the Big Sexy Hair root pump. I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go.

Wet hair with just a little argon oil on the ends. I did comb my hair a bit more than usual, as it was super tangly today.

A dollop of creme. I wouldn’t use so much but my hair is pretty long.




I finger combed the creme in, not touching my roots, and then twisted my hair into ringlets.


Using my Revlon dryer with diffuser on low with medium heat.



It took about 10 minutes to fully dry.

Here’s the result of just drying. I do use my Bed Head Rock ‘n Roller to touch up my curls, though.

Once I’ve curled about 15 random pieces, I let my hair cool. You don’t want to over curl. The point is just to give your hair a little bit of fun texture and tighten up those curls that are loose or straightening out.

Now I toss my hair upside down, finger comb the tight curls, and spray with Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Booster.




Overall I like the Curly Sexy Curl Creme, but for the price I don’t see much difference from what my SAMY Curl Regenerator does. I will continue to use and let you curly girlies know if my opinion changes.

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