Keeping a Classy Face – Clinique Check-In

It’s been about two weeks since I began using my new Clinique purchases, the color corrector primer and the acne solutions liquid makeup. You can find the original review here.

Clinique acne solutions makeup review $27

Clinique primer review$27

My morning routine has remained the same – I rinse my face with my Neutrogena body and face bar in the shower, and once I’m all dried off, I apply the Clinique Superprimer. Instantly my face feels dulled and dry. There is no noticeable correction of my discolorations. While the primer does not leave my skin feeling tight, it does make my skin appear flaky and lifeless. I really do not like this primer and definitely will not purchase it again.

After I’ve applied the primer, I dry my hair and allow the primer to soak into my skin. I don’t apply my liquid makeup until after my hair is dried, which usually takes more than 15 minutes. The liquid makeup does not go on smoothly. I use a makeup pad to apply it all over, and while it feels weightless once dry, it just feels as thought I’m dragging the makeup’ed pad along a dry surface with no liquid.

Perhaps the combination of the primer and the liquid makeup has left my face feeling dried out and dulled in appearance, and maybe using a different combination of liquid makeup and primer would work better. However, I’m definitely not pleased with the Clinique brand and I will be returning to my previous primer and liquid makeup. In the end, the combination of both products, primer and liquid makeup, would be the same price no matter which I chose.

Neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup$12

Smashbox color correcting primer$42

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