Bargain Clothing Sites

Have you ever purchased anything from the bargain clothing retailers HauteLook or Zulily? These sites offer inexpensive clothing and other accessories, at deeply discounted prices, in limited quantities and for a limited amount of time.

I’ve know of Zulily since having L. The site was advertised on various mommy blogs and around the Internet as a place to buy unique children’s apparel and toys. Since then they’ve also branched out into home goods and women’s apparel and accessories.



HauteLook has a similar premises. It was recently purchased by Nordstrom, so it has quite the big name backer. This site mainly focuses on “luxury” apparel and accessories for the whole family, with a few home goods tossed in here and there.



While I have never purchased from either Zulily or HauteLook, I do frequently browse the sites for good deals. As I only recently discovered HauteLook, I was interested in making a few purchases. Being that I absolutely love Nordstrom Rack, I figured this was a no-brainer! So, before I purchased, I decided to do my research.

I came upon the website Sitejabber, a community where you can provide details of your shopping experience from various online retailers. Needless to say, neither HauteLook nor Zulily have ratings that I would expect from two retailers with their advertising and background. In fact, both sites have an average 2.2 and a 2.0 rating respectively.

So, I ask you, my readers. Have you ever purchased from an online discount retailer? Have you ever purchased from either HauteLook or Zulily? If so, share your experience with me! I’d love to hear from you before I decide to make a purchase and/or make a snap judgment.

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One thought on “Bargain Clothing Sites

  1. I have made purchases from both Zulily and HauteLook in the past with no problems. I saved a lot of money on some Urban Decay makeup from HauteLook for Taylor last Christmas. The only issue I had was that shipping was rather slow; however that was because I purchased something well before the sale had ended and they did not ship until it was over. Overall, I am pleased with both sites!

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