Ridiculous Regimen?

Anytime I happen to be “putting on my face” around my husband, he scrutinizes every cream and eyeshadow that I apply. It is the single most annoying thing about him.

The other day we got into a conversation about primer. Yes, primer. Apparently this simple word has one meaning for men and a completely different one for women. My husband does not see the purpose of a primer, such as Philosophy’s The Present, to “prime” the face for makeup. He jokingly suggested that I just use the leftover Behr primer from the garage. (Har har har, Spouse!)

So it got me thinking of the benefits of using primer. Here’s what I found from Discovery Health:

. Applied after moisturizer but before foundation to keep makeup “in place”

. Can even out skin tone, prevent breakouts, and heal dryness

. The active ingredients of most primers and the job they do are:
Cyclomethicone is a silicone grease reducer;
Dimethicone crosspolymer is a skin protectant;
Retinyl palmitate is an ingredient that reduces flaking and restores suppleness;
Tocopheryl acetate is a skin conditioning antioxidant;
Propylene glycol is a moisturizer

. Celebrated makeup artist Laura Mercier says that primers “help prevent skin from absorbing talc and pigment from your foundation as well as preventing talc from drawing oil from the skin.”

It looks like primers are actually an important part of any woman’s beauty regimen, regardless of what her husband says!

And besides, why should I allow someone to question the practicality of my beauty routine when his underwear costs more than mine?!



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