Clinique Foundation and Primer

A few weeks ago, when I received my Naked 3 palette, I got a deluxe sample of Clinique’s Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup and also samples of the Super Primer Universal Face Primer. I absolutely loved both the liquid makeup and the primer. So, when I was gifted Sephora cards for Christmas, I decided to upgrade from my usual Neutrogena foundation and Philosophy primer.


To start, the foundation is really great. It feels lightweight and has a medium coverage, not too thick and not transparent. It also doesn’t crease or crack as the day wears on. At just $27 a bottle, it’s relatively affordable compared to other Sephora brands. I know that Clinique is a trusted brand and has been around forever. I’m not sure how it will affect my skin’s blemishes, as I’ve only been using it for two days.


I also purchased some Clinique Super Primer for $27 for 1 oz. The type I chose was discolorations, as I often have some dark spots left from blemishes. So far I have not been impressed. This primer doesn’t seem to correct any discolorations. While it leaves my skin feeling soft, I also notice more dryness, especially on my nose and forehead, after I put it on. I can also say that “a little bit” does not go a long way. I’m left with an airbrushed appearance, but with the dryness and not noticing any change in the discolorations, I don’t feel that I will be purchasing this primer again.

While I will consider sticking with the liquid makeup, I will definitely go back to the Smashbox Dark Spot Correcting Primer. At $42 it’s more expensive, but the results are worth it.


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