Christmas Shopping

Today Husband and I are finally getting our Christmas shopping done. As a child, I never realized what a stressor the holidays were. Between bills, paycheck schedules, and actually finding time, shopping has taken a back seat this year. But, as Logan’s gifts have been under the tree all month, at least we don’t have to venture into a single Toys R Us. Hallelujah.

Clearly today’s outfit is for optimal warmth, comfort, and movement. After all, Christmas shopping is a contact sport these days, and, while I may be classy in class, I ain’t classy in the streets.


Top: purple button-up flannel from Aeropostale (many years old and hardly fits!), sweater from Banana Republic Outlet (two seasons old)

Jeans: Levi’s slight curve skinny, half off here!

Boots: Karisma, brown go-to, see their FB page here

Necklace: NY and Co (two seasons old)





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