Mint and Lace

Being a newly-turned 30 year old is tough stuff. Yesterday I alluded to the difficulties I sometimes have finding appropriate clothing for my age. Some stores, like Kohl’s, tend to only have two real sections for the female gender: juniors and women. As I walk the aisles I see the juniors:

And I see the women’s:

There isn’t quite an in-between and that is frustrating. I am a mom. I am married. I am a teacher of pre-pubescent children. And while I still want to wear stylish and trendy clothing, I cannot wear certain skirts and dresses that don’t cover my ass cheeks or tops that cut so low my boob pops out as I bend to help a kid with a math problem. On the flip side, it’s not time for me to wear Sonoma and arch-supporting Clark’s shoes just yet. I’m still searching for that middle ground, the ground that says yes, I am a mom and teacher, but look how well I can dress and accessorize! Is that too much to ask of my clothing?

Top: lace tank with gold zip and tiered frills, Victoria’s Secret, $49 (last year’s)

Cardigan: mint button 3/4 sleeve, Forever 21, $20 find a similar option here

Pants: see yesterday (I have multiple pairs!)

Boots: Karisma brown go-to with back zip, gold studs, and red zippered accent

Jewelry: watch from Express see it here, bracelet from Francesca’s








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