2 My Mom

Backstory… Two years ago my mom and her husband were killed in a motorcycle v. box truck accident. I used to keep a pretty active blog about it because the first thing I thought to do was write about my thoughts and feelings. Sharing it came next. Eventually, though, it became easier to bury the pain and completely avoid feeling.

My mom’s best friend lost her mother today and I felt compelled to send her a message. I’ve added the message to the blog because it’s very telling of my current feelings, nearly three years later. I’ve included the second blog in the menu bar at the top, as maybe it will force me to face the inevitable and quit avoiding the act of feeling.

Who knows. I guess we shall see.

“There is an emptiness inside of me — a void that will never be filled. No one in your life will ever love you as your mother does. There is no love as pure, unconditional and strong as a mother’s love. And I will never be loved that way again.” ― Hope Edelman, Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss

2 My Mom

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