Don’t Forget About Gary

The past couple of mornings I have forgotten to move Gary, our elf on the shelf. My husband has been covering, though, so that Logan has no idea his mom is slacking. As I came down the stairs this morning, I told myself not to forget about Gary.

However, as I sit here eating breakfast and blogging, I realize that Gary is not on his shelf. I quickly glance around the room, but don’t see him. Could my husband, who was up late watching the Bears game, have moved him? Did one of the dogs get him? I feel really stupid that I can’t immediately spot the damn thing, as my husband can’t have hid him too hard because our son is only three. But, alas, I just spent another five minutes casing the downstairs and still can’t seem to find him. I definitely feel stupid this morning!

On to the outfit…

Top: Banana Republic outlet, orangey-red short-sleeved sweater with triple buttons down the back for added detail

Undershirt: NY and Co., white button down, see similar option from yesterday’s post

Pants: khaki-colored no button, no zip cotton pants, NY and Co. (These pants feel like I’m wearing sweats, which is why I have them in three other colors!)
Pull-on pants

Shoes: Famous Footwear, Naturalizer, leopard print “Sperry” knockoffs
find them here









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